The Longarming Boom! / by Tina Johnson

I hope that you all are as lucky as me to have a longarming quilt your shop available in your area.  Here in Houston we have several long arm quilt shops that allow us to quilt our own projects.  I have been debating whether to try my hand at it. I found a few motifs and all over designs that look forgiving to Beginners so I am about to hop off the fence.  Even if I do not become a great longarmer the experience will give me a better appreciation for my local Longarmers who I love. The experience is likely too also help me choose my designs and threads better too.  This could be a "win-win" for us all!

If you are in the Houston area you can longarm your own projects at either Honeysuckle Lane Quilting Studio in Tomball with Tryce or It Seams to Be Sew in Sugarland with Lana. They would both love to have you stop by.

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