The Importance of a Scant 1/4" Seam / by Tina Johnson

Hello out there, I hope that you are having a wonderful day.  Today I have to share a little tip on the importance of sewing a scant quarter of an inch when making blocks where many seams come to gather.  I have been taught this lesson and usually do not forget it. At the time this lovely 4.5" start was made, I had already sewed 108 of them well. However on this batch of 54 some how I either did not adjust my needle position far enough to the right or used a different 1/4" presser foot than before.  When you have a good scant quarter inch you get a block that trims up nicely like this one did.  If you do not then you can try pressing your seams open to reduce the bulk, this may give you back that few thread width of fabric back that you need.  If you however sewed a normal 1/4" and have a few blocks that are not quite to size then you have to be careful with them when used in a quilt top.  You will have to do what some call "ease" it in and pin to ensure the seams between block match up.  The few little darlings that are off took too long to make so I am definitely not tossing them in the trash. They will actually go into my pile.  A few may even make into my "Sewed Wrong & Left Out" quilt.  I got the idea from a designer named Sew Scatterbrained. Stay tuned for that one.