Sometimes You Just Have to Try / by Tina Johnson

Ever now and again you hear about a quilt tip that sounds so odd that it does not seem possible.  I  have a 35” x 70” self healing mat.  I try to avoid rotary cutting batting and fleece on it but it is so nice and long that I cannot help but use it for this fluffy fabrics when I need an exact size piece. I have tried different ways to clean my mat but nothing got it really clean enough for me.  You can imagine my surprise when I tried this tip, an eraser! It really does work.  You will have a small mess to sweep up but but your mat will be clean.  I did  a little light research and found that Olfa does say to use an eraser too.  I used my little Cotton Picker to sweep up all the eraser dust so the whole clean up took less than 5 minutes.