STE Soccer Championship Commerated / by Tina Johnson

I was asked to capture in a quilt the awesome soccer season that these wonderful boys worked so very hard during.  In thinking about how much effort each put in all season to win the championship game, I knew I had to give just as much blood sweat and tears in this quilt.  

I started with pulling fabrics in the school colors. I auditioned all my yellows and blues to make sure I had enough contrast but stayed in the right shade. I starched and pressed all the fabrics and laid out my squares.  The letters are very large so I had to bring out my biggest design board which was only big enough to hold half the fabric used in each letter. It helped me keep the blocks in order as I sewed and minimized seam ripping.  I made sure that on each intersection that my seams locked.  Right about then, I was truly understanding just how big this quilt was going to be.

As I was finishing the quilt I got excited to see the custom design as it came together.  I used luxe fleece on the back. This is not normally done with quilt tops but does produce such a soft and cuddly quilt that you know will be used.  I did not want a plain back so I added fabric strips to the fleece.  This also helped extend the width and use up the remaining fabric. This quilt was auctioned at a school fundraiser and now has the perfect home.