Charity Starts at Home / by Tina Johnson

When I was asked to donate a quilt for a raffle, I was thrilled.  My heart became even more over joyed as I made the quilt and thought about where the raised funds were going too. I made this raffle quilt for the Transitions Family Violence Service 2016 Casino Night.  They raised money to change lives that night and in my own way I made a difference in two family lives that evening, the one who took the quilt home and the one who received funds from the raffle.

This Christmas quilt was relatively easy to make. I cut out all my pieces to make the blocks at once.  Stacked everything in order and then chain sewed.  I can usually do this pattern in an afternoon. The first time I made this pattern in Christmas fabrics it was truly scrappy in that every block was different.  Here I have coordinated the prints to have a radiating visual effect. I did big stitch stippling on my domestic machine and I did machine binding.  I did a big strip pattern on the back with modern fabrics so that it is a reversible quilt that can be used all year round.  I wish I had a photo of the quilt finished for you but I completed it about 30 minutes before FEDEX came. Do not fret this is one of my go to patterns by Sunflower quilts so you will see it again.