Useful Points / by Tina Johnson

As you develop you will have a list of helpful techniques to aid you in sewing the best that you can.  For me having a quarter inch presser foot gives me a constant seam allowance.  Most quilt tops I make have beautiful dimensions thus I have to use techniques allow me to quickly make widely used quilt blocks like the HST, QST, hourglass, and flying geese. In time I will discuss each in more depth.

After you have done some basic research and browsing, you will find it helpful to start with some of the classic quilt blocks as you begin.  Once you dive into them you will see that the classic have stood the test of time for very good reasons.  Many can be flexible, easy to make, forgiving to less than optimal sewing and can show off fabric beautifully.  We will chat about all of this in more detail.

Before you know it you will be sewing your favorite quilt blocks and patterns.  You will even know your go to quilt pattern when you are in a bind and need to whip out something super quick.  For babies mine is the self binding blankie and Falling Charms cause I can knock them out no time.  For adults I can usually make the Tossed Nine Patch or a Log Cabin in a week.  Since there are so many layout options for both you always feel like you are making a completely different quilt each time you make one!