Where to Begin in Quilting? / by Tina Johnson

In the coming months we will go over some of the best supplies out there in depth but for now here is a basic list of supplies that you will need to start quilting.  I have a list of my favorite brands which I will discuss in a blog post.  In the meantime if you have any questions, post them and I will respond with a balanced answer based on what you want to achieve.

From the list you are probably wondering where best to shop.  I love my local quilt shops and look for deals everywhere I go.  There are some wonderful times of year that allow us to stretch our dollar.  I will blog about where to find great deals throughout the year. In the meantime, go window shopping and see what fabrics you like. Also go to your local library and look at quilt magazines and books to get a feel for your quilt taste w.r.t. fabrics and patterns.  Visit your local quilt guilds and see which one you may want to join.  Many of use are members of more than one. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources that are free to their membership.  Hopefully you will find a Bee or group to sew with.  Lastly look out for good garage and estate sales that are at physical locations near you and online via social media sites. Someone is always "destashing" great supplies and materials.

There are a wide variety of areas within quilting that I want to help you explore. Learning a bit of all (piecing, embroidery, quilting, and appliqué) will help you find your niche.  Before you know it you will be expressing your creative insight in your unique way. So follow me and a few others out there and let play!