A Little About Tina


I have been quilting since 2006 but admired quilts made by Grandma Jackson and Mrs. Marg for decades before I made my first one.  From the moment I held their quilts, I knew I wanted to create a beautiful quilt one day.  I got my chance when a dear friend gave me my first pattern, Yellow Brick Road, and helped me pick out the fabric for my sister's quilt.  Life happened so the quilt waited a few years for me to start its first stitch. I finally started stitching under the guidance of a fantastic instructor, Val, in a lovely quilt shop in London called Creative Quilting.  After seeing the displayed quilts I was inspired to make my own quilt design.  I was surrounded by a variety of beginning and expert quilters as I made every block over a few months.  As with many of my crafting projects, it was finished just as I took flight for the holidays.

I fell in love with quilting while making that first quilt to commemorate my sister’s college graduation. Since then I have made quilts to celebrate all sorts of life events.  I have explored different quilting techniques, patterns, projects, and fabric types.  Like many quilters, my bucket list is long and I have enough fabric to last me a lifetime.  I want to share my journey with you to inspire and show you how easy it can be to make a personal gift that will be cherished forever. I hope that you will find ways to express your creativity that are perfect for you.  There are so many simple ways to make quilt tops and projects so they are uniquely your own. Let me help you find your voice through the use of needle and thread so that you can give gifts that are perfectly personalized.


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